About Shola Carletti

Shola Carletti

(Born in Pesaro, Italy, lives and works in Pune, India)

Her work in the undeniable process of soul searching, through a deep and profound metaphysical surgery that hints to the eternal metaphor of being and painting, a personal quest that aims at removing the excesses of ego and conditioning, in order to focus on being and bringing out the essential qualities that all humans share, in painting it means getting rid of embellishments, futilities or any indulgence to taste, in order to reach the essence, the color and the natural flow of matter without interference. On a technical level she uses thick epoxy resin, mixed with pigments, fragments of silver and gold leaf, and industrial glass colors on a base of canvas or acrylic sheets. She goes beyond the limitation of the traditional canvas, adding space and light, and removing the frame, emphasizing form without boundaries colors swimming in an ocean of mystic magma…

"Art is instinctual; it is an emotion taking shape"